It is our pleasure to present the very best of our authors featuring in our Foreign Rights Catalogue on the Web (still in the stage of development). You will be able to find presentations in English of their works and a sample translation of the text.
If you are interested in receiving any information about one of our titles, send us an e-mail and we will gladly reply as quickly as possible.





Mihaela Gašpar is without doubt the jewel in Disput’s crown of Croatian authors. She has already showcased her exceptional literary talent in four novels and one collection of short stories which are part of our publication catalogue. O čajnicima i ženama (On Teapots and Women) is a typical blend of the emotional and the rational from Mihaela Gašpar’s workshop, a story of a family and the women who make every effort to belong to it and to escape from it at the same time, a story of frustration and guilt, turning, as it were, the essence of life into beautiful literature.

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